Speck of the Stars

By Henry Boffin



Speck of the Stars by Henry Boffin

Even the smallest Speck can make the biggest difference.

Speck of the Stars is a sci-fi / fantasy adventure book for middle grade readers (children age 9-13 years) published by Ford Street Publishing.

Raised by utility robots on board the Grand Orbital Library, twelve-year-old orphan Speck’s days are spent serving the spaceship’s exotic guests. At night, he dreams of exploring the Universe.

But when a mysterious creature known only as the Starchild arrives from the fringes of deep space, everything changes.

Now, Speck must uncover the creature’s secret before it’s too late. A secret that, if unleashed, could destroy the entire Universe . . .


"Rating 10/10. I finished it in 2 nights!" - Diesel F, Grade 5  // Oz Kids in Print 2022

"Highly Recommended. This is a great new series that will be enjoyed by many - sci fi lover or not!" - Michelle O'Connell, ReadPlus Review 

"This is a great book for middle-grade and young adult readers, with a male character who is not a stereotype." - Ashleigh Meikle, The Book Muse 

Goodreads Reviews

"A fun, fast paced story full of dangerous situations conquered by bravery, trust and friendship." - Patricia

"Fantastic book. Great storyline which kept me engaged from start to end. I'll definitely be recommending this book to family and friends." - Julie

"It's full of fun characters, interesting ideas and good world building. Would recommend!" - Nicholas