Follow My Way is an independently financed psychological thriller based on true accounts.

In the middle of the night a single mother, Georgina, wakes her young son and frantically orders him to pack his bags. She warns him to be as quiet and as fast as he can. The pair live in suburbia in a share house with other members of their group; the path to higher thought.

What follows is a tense battle of wills as Georgina makes a bid for escape from the abusive cult she has found herself a part of for the last fourteen years of her life.

As Georgina flees she discovers that it is not the other cult members or even its insidious leader, Genevieve, who are keeping her trapped. It is instead her own brainwashed beliefs and she soon finds that escaping the cage of her own making will be the most difficult escape of all.


  • Janelle Bailey
  • Orlando Dove
  • Andrea Moor
  • Julia Johnson
  • Will Kelly

Written By

  • Henry Boffin

Produced By

  • Brittany Blacka


Official Selection

Noosa International Film Festival 2018