In a grim, dystopian near future a woman lies in a hospital bed, slowly dying. Her condition - a result of complications arising from a hit & run accident 15 years before. Unable to see her in such pain her doting husband, Linden Connor, decides he must track down an Ouroboros watch; an extraordinary but illegal device which enables the user to travel through time.


  • Christopher Sommers
  • Erica Field
  • Monette Lee
  • Jack Henry
  • Jayden Caulfield

Written By

  • Henry Boffin

Produced By

  • Liam Heyen


Best Film - Brisbane Backyard Film Festival 2016

Best Short Film - 1st China Australia International Film Festival

Official Selection

Fandependent Film Festival Summer 2017

New York Science Fiction & Supernatural Film Festival 2017

Wayfarer Film Festival 2016

Down Under Berlin Film Festival 2016

Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2016

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2016

Paris Short Film Festival 2016

West End Film Festival 2015

Flickerfest Film Festival 2015

Shorts Film Festival 2014

Heart of Gold Film Festival 2014

Cambridge Film Festival 2014

Court Metrage - Cannes Film Festival 2014